Steam Couch Curator


It saddens me that local, or couch, multiplayer video games seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs – sometimes it’s nice to actually interact with other humans. I was recently curious which games from my Steam library support local multiplayer.

After some quick Googling, I stumbled upon this promising Reddit thread. User /u/nicereddy compiled a list of couch multiplayer-enabled Steam games which he subsequently transcribed to the PCGamingWiki.

However, being the lazy person I am, I wasn’t about to do a manual, side-by-side comparison of this list and my Steam library. Instead, I whipped up a quick Python script to do this for me. I’m calling it the Steam Couch Curator because, well, it curates couch multiplayer games from your Steam library.

The complete source is available on Github if anyone is interested.

(After writing this script, I stumbled upon Steam Library Filters which does this, and more. Oh well! It was a fun little exercise.)